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WE HAVE REOPENED - You will notice some changes due to Covid-19.

Updated: Aug-3-2020
We hope you are all doing well and are looking forward to see you again! We have missed you and are very grateful for all your kindness, supportive emails and understanding during this uncertain time. We are happy to announce that the provincial government and the Ministry of Health have approved the gradual reopening of practices for regulated health care professionals and personal settings. After significant consideration and preparation, we are able to re-open our doors for registered massage therapy, Botox and cosmetic injectables and our esthetic and medical aesthetics services. Body Benefits Day Spa has always followed strict sanitary procedures and protocols to provide a safe and caring environment for our guests and patients. We have now implemented additional precautions to address Covid-19 specific sterilization and social distancing practices to ensure our patients continue to receive their treatments and procedures in a safe and protected environment.

Here are some of the new measures and protocols you will notice when you return to our medical spa You will need to make an appointment for curbside pick-up and pay either by e-transfer or over the phone with your credit card after you have let us know what products and samples you need. Please provide your phone number for payment processing as well. We will not be allowed to accept walk in appointments. Ongoing access to our extensive offering of medical grade and luxury skin care is available by calling for shipping or curbside pick-up, or by making an appointment to discuss your home care product options with one of our skin care experts. You don't need to pay for parking for curbside pick-ups. Park on the main level of the 205 Oxford Street parking garage on the right lower side when you arrive at your appointment time for pick-up and call the spa. We will bring you your order and please have your back window down so that we can place your order in the back seat of the car. If you aren't driving, then either call the spa at your appointment time or knock on the door and we will bring you your order with a cart while maintaining a safe distance.

All services, gift certificate purchases (unless purchasing online) and curbside pick-ups are by appointment only during our business hours: Tuesday-Friday 1-9 pm and Saturdays 11am-3pm. We are now able to provide most esthetics services including the face area without the use of steam. We're currently offering facials, microneedling, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, manicures, pedicures, bodywraps (that don't include the shower facilities for now), laser hair removal, waxing, IPL on the hands, chest, arms, legs, face and neck for age spots and broken blood vessels, back treatments, registered massage therapy & PRP hair restoration treatments, PRP with microneedling (vampire facelifts), cosmetic medical injectables (Botox & cosmetic dermal fillers and lip fillers).

Please call 519-645-7524 to book your next appointment. Virtual appointments for consultations are also available. Note: We will be contacting the appointments that were originally scheduled before our shutdown and have a waiting list to accommodate first. Please be patient with our Staff, as they try to accommodate everyone's requests.

At the Entrance It is important that we limit the amount of guests we allow into our spa to lower the risk of transmission. No-one will be allowed to bring extra family members or friends into the spa and no-one will be allowed to hang out in the waiting or lounge areas. Please wear your own mask upon arrival. If you can't wear a mask then we will not be able to treat you. Please keep in mind our staff and other guest's health as many of our appointments are at least 30 mins or longer therefore a mask is mandatory. If you are not wearing an approved mask when you arrive you can purchase a surgical mask from us. We will be taking our staff's and our guest's temperatures upon arrival and documenting it along with any other staff or guests who might be in contact at the same time to keep track of who has been around who. Any clients' who have temperatures when screened and tested, have a cough, fever or have been around anyone sick or who has traveled outside the country in the past 14 days will have to re-book for 3 weeks later. Please place your personal items (purse, keys, shoes, keys etc...) into the disposable biodegradable bags provided, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and or use hand sanitizer provided in multiple areas of our spa. Please be respectful as this is for everyone's safety. Please wait in your car or outside the spa when you arrive for your appointment until we call or come to the door to let you know that we are ready for you to come into the spa. Please do not show up too early as we will need extra time to disinfect and sterilize thoroughly as well as change after each guest. Please limit talking to prevent aerosols. No handshakes or hugs for now. We will be sending out Covid-19 screening and waiver forms via email before your appointment and they must be filled out the day of your appointment not before, signed and emailed back before your scheduled appointment time or printed off and signed the day of your appointment.

Protective Gear All our employees must wear a mask, continue changing gloves between each service. In addition, smocks or aprons that are worn by our staff and practitioners will be laundered or thrown away (if disposable) after each client. We also take the same care with client linens, drapes and headbands, laundering or throwing them away after each use. For most services our staff will also be wearing face shields or eye protection and wash their hands with warm, soapy water frequently for 20 seconds or longer. Due to the increased disinfecting, sterilization and costs of PPE for our staff and guests there will be a Covid-19 fee depending on how long and what type of services you are scheduled for with the type of PPE needed to perform as safe as possible.

Disinfection For disinfection in detail, the protocols are numerous. We will continue to disinfect and sterilize between each client with disinfectants and chemosterilants that are Health Canada approved, EPA registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. While treatment areas are of great importance, we will continuously disinfect waiting rooms and debit machine terminals, often. We will disinfect all door handles and other areas regularly touched by people. Disinfect the retail area and products. We ask clients not to touch products they do not intend to purchase and will remove or discontinue testers. All surfaces of treatment rooms, bathrooms and pedicure stations, etc. will be cleaned and sterilized after each client. We will continue to disinfect the wax pots between refilling. All tools will continue to be sterilized after every client and all tools that are porous discarded after each service. All our dirty linens will be stored in an airtight container until laundered.

Administrative All employees who feel sick will have to stay home. Please use touch-less payment options. We will provide wipes for our guests and staff to use on the phones and other equipment throughout the spa to continuously prevent the spread and keep everyone safe. All employees have been instructed to remove and launder their clothing or uniform after each guest and as soon as they get home.

We look forward to welcoming you back for some much needed relaxation. Thank-you for your continued support and patronage

From all of us at Body Benefits Day Spa


Relax, Unwind and Pamper Your Skin and Body

If you want to enjoy a relaxing massage or want to look your best for that special day Body Benefits Day Spa and Med-spa is second to none to bring you that pleasurable experience and if you try it once you'll know just how wonderful you'll look and feel. Not only will you feel great but most treatments are an aid to the well being of your mind and body.

Body Benefits Day Spa and Med-spa specializes in advanced skin treatments including facials that are customized to your skins needs, chemical peels, and laser treatments for age spots and broken blood vessels. Offering deep hydrating, slimming and detoxifying body treatments and massage. Laser hair removal, detailed manicures and pedicures, as well as Botox and cosmetic fillers.

Watch this space for more promotions and offers.

Watch this space for more promotions and offers.

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